The Pope Who Loves Soccer, hardcover

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While joining his fellow Cardinals in the Vatican to elect a new Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Cardinal from Buenos Aires, Argentina, goes back in time to his childhood neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is the heartfelt story of a boy with a passion for music and the beautiful game. Young Jorge’s values were forged in the neighborhood soccer park, and by his family and his grandmother who loved him and inspired him. Jorge was a boy whose care and compassion for every human being took him from the streets of Buenos Aires to become Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church. This is also the tale of 1946, an amazing Championship year for Jorge’s beloved soccer club, San Lorenzo. It is a year where he never missed a game, and the one game he will never forget.

Michael Part is the author of "The Flea - The Amazing Story of Leo Messi," the landmark anime adventure "Starbirds" and the Disney classic, "A Kid in King Arthur's Court."

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